Meet Jasper!

Name: Jasper (aka “Jazz”, “Pumpkin Pie”, “Pie-Pie”)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair (Miniature Black Panther)

Likes: Treats!, playing with toy mice, eating catnip, getting groomed by my adopted brother Milo, having my back rubbed, sitting by the open windows.

Let’s go scare some dogs!

Dislikes: Duke (the Great Dane) sniffing me too much, having my beautiful talons clipped, being in a cat carrier, not getting treats every time Mom goes in the kitchen, Mom trying to put devil horns on me for a Halloween picture.

About Jasper: Jasper is a rescue cat who was a stray in his former life, and is now the undisputed head of the pet household. He was here first and he never hesitates to remind Duke of it. He is very sweet and mellow, and very large. The vet’s comment about his weight; “If this was a smaller cat this weight would be obese, but on him it fits proportionally.” For the record he weighs around 19 lbs, and is built to match.