Meet Pasha!

Name: Pasha (Egyptian for ‘Princess who likes the company of food’)

Breed: Cocker/Lab mix

Likes: Being next to those who love me, treats, speaking, the door bell, being the center of attention in my red dress at the Bark Ball, sniffing around Logan Circle, “spooning” with my Daddy right before I fall asleep, knowing what is going on at all times, playing chase with Stephen, going on long walks, hearing the story about when my Daddy first saw me at the shelter and knew he had to have me in his life, seeing people’s reaction when they find out that I’m not a puppy but almost 10 years old, and watching TV (she actually sits in front of it for hours!)

The little Do Do Girl with the big Do Do Curl (when she was a puppy she was so tiny but had long curly hair)

Dislikes: Other dogs sniffing me too much, reaching the bottom of the food bowl, starting to get light gray hair on the back of my ears

About Pasha: She was adopted in 1994 from the Alexandria Animal Welfare League when she was just 6 months old. Pound puppies are the BEST!