Name: Gina Marie Redmond

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Napping perched on a throne of cozy blankets, red dot laser time, ear scratches, Tzatziki sauce, stealing your seat on the couch when you get up, favorite toy – “I’m a Big Dill” catnip pickle

Will cuddle for wet food and belly rubs!

Dislikes: Empty food dish, Roomba, transit via cat carrier, not being center of attention, sharing with sister Dennis Marie

About Gina Marie: Gina Marie started with humble beginnings in 2015 in Troy, NY, where she initially was relinquished to live in a bleak basement due to a new dog in the home. Here in this basement, she ate her feelings in kibble, and was starving for love and affection. Gina (nee “She-cat” in this previous life) came to my attention as her family was giving her up to the pound, as she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved. In September 2021, I drove to Troy, NY to pick her up, and we haven’t looked back since.

On arrival, Gina Marie had a lot to love about her, weighing in 13 lbs., shy, and initially hesitant about her new surroundings. Over the next few months, she really opened up, and began to thrive after her dental and a new diet. Slowly Gina Marie lost over 5 lbs., her personality started to shine, and she now has endless energy for post litter box zoomies, laser time, and kumite-style slap battles with her older cat sister Dennis.

Every day, Gina Marie brings so much joy into my life, overflowing with love, cuddles, affection, and motor-like purrs. She follows me everywhere, likely in the quest for wet food, and always wants to be close, even when personal space would be appreciated (such as working on the laptop or using the bathroom).

Gina Marie and Dennis have grown to tolerate each other like sisters, and both share a love for Sit-a-Pet! They especially love their favorite sitter Tristine, who watches Lone Star Dallas with them and plays endless laser. I have noticed such a difference coming home from a trip when I have used Sit-a-pet, as the cats were so well taken care of and entertained that they barely noticed I was gone!

Gina Marie is honored and thrilled to be the cat of the month, and hopes this can be a stepping stone for future Hollywood movie and television endeavors. Will work for wet food and catnip.