Name: Dolce

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Greenies treats, napping on her owner, lying on any paper product, watching birds and bugs from her perch by the window, giving kisses, couch time with her favorite pet sitter Tristine

Would you like to pet my belly? You know you want to.

Dislikes: Anyone touching her ears, medicine, other cats

About Dolce: Dolce is a “Sit-A-Pet to the rescue” story. Debbie went above and beyond by introducing Dolce into my life after the loss of two beloved cats. I am grateful every day to have such a wonderful animal in my home. She may not get along with other cats, but she loves people and is the softest kitty ever. She has a great disposition, greets me at the door, always wants to be nearby and likes to have her belly rubbed – dare I say she’s more dog-like than cat-like?