Name: Neep

Breed: Gray Cockatiel

Likes: Freedom, millet, a Saturday afternoon siesta listening to opera on WETA 90.9 FM, exploration, and his bedtime routine.

Viper, be quiet and let me sleep.

Dislikes: Too much interaction, rustling noises, raptors, and crows.

About Neep: At 26 years old, Neep is no spring chicken, but he flies vigorously every day—a daily exercise regimen that has kept him young at heart and in great physical condition for his age. Cerebral, Neep is cautious around people and other animals, including his flock-mate, Viper (another cockatiel kept in a separate cage). More than anything else, Neep loves his freedom! He demands to leave his cage every morning, and has various structures in the house he enjoys alighting onto and exploring—book shelves in particular. Neep appreciates humans on his own terms. He will land on my shoulder and sit contently for long periods of time but will fly away if I attempt to scratch his head. Neep rarely raises his voice accept to sound an alarm call when he sees a crow or fox in the yard. Instead, he communicates quietly—something I have never seen in a Cockatiel. If he wants me and I am not nearby, he will somehow get Viper to shout for me. At the end of the day, Neep always gives the family a kiss good night in the form of a vocal kiss-like sound.