Name: Satchmo, AKA Satch, Sassmo, and “The.Best.One”

Breed: Debonair Jaguar.  Or Polydactyl Tuxedo Cat.  Depends on who you ask–Satchmo or his humans.

MA!!!! The bowl!!! It’s emptyyyyy!!! It’s not gonna fill itself, ya know….

Likes: Drinking from a dripping bathtub faucet is a big favorite.  He likes being around his people–he’s like a dog, the way he hangs out with us.  He likes to have an audience when he eats. He really likes to talk–he’s a fantastic conversationalist. He loves to be outside, to eat grass and to have his neck scratched.  Any day he gets to lay on a plastic bag is a good day in Satchmo’s book.

Dislikes: That the humans go to sleep at night and leave him alone for too long.  That human Mom won’t let him be an outdoor cat any more. Getting his nails trimmed.  Having a single hair out of place.

About Satchmo: Satchmo came into our lives when he was still in his mama’s belly 🙂  During an unusual cold snap in January 2004 we found his cat mama (“Lil Mama”) hiding in a storm drain in front of our house and decided to bring her in until the cold snap passed.  I was 4 months pregnant at the time and wasn’t exactly in the market to adopt a pet, but Lil Mama quickly wormed her way into our hearts, and not long after that we realized she was preggers too, so we simply had to keep her.  Satchmo and his 4 siblings were born in the closet of our guest bedroom in April 2004, (just 2 months before my first human baby was born) and he was the hands-down favorite from the start. It helped that he was the only kitten in the litter that had his mom’s tuxedo markings AND the extra toes like she had–the extra toes are crazy cool.  But also, his “tuxitude–cattitude” came through right away—he has always been really talkative & interactive, and his meow is funny and scratchy sounding (hence the name Satchmo, which is Louis Armstrong’s nickname)….he’s been with us 15 years now, and he’s been the all-time best pet every step of the way.  He’s had so many great adventures…by my estimation he’s used up 7 of his 9 lives thus far.  Thank you, Sit-a-Pet for loving Satch just as much as we do!!