Name: Gobble

Breed: Calico Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Gobble loves rolling treats. If you toss them across the room, she’ll be lightning fast, slide across the hardwood floor and use one paw to snatch the treat and bring it to her mouth. She watches the world from her seat by the window catching some rays or having interesting thoughts about the birds, squirrels or chipmunks on her lawn. She also loves her human companions.

Dislikes: Gobble hates thunder and heavy rain. When thunder roars, she slinks away to one of her hidey holes—under a bed or a closet.

That’s well and good, but where’s my treat?

About Gobble: Our daughter, who was nine at the time, wanted a pet. We settled on a cat.  We visited a number of local shelters.  In November 2009 an approximately seventh-month-old calico was brought to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.  Since it was close to Thanksgiving, the staff named her Gobble. We adopted her in January 2010. We just love her name.

Gobble is a very loving young lady. In the cold months, she loves snuggling with us on the couch or sleeping next to one of us. She really enjoys visiting with her friends at Sit-A-Pet whenever her humans are away. Gobble is very thankful for her loving friends at Sit-A-Pet.  She’s been enjoying their company for more than six years.