Meet Max!

Name: Max

Breed: Tabby

Likes: Cat treats, baked goods, cat treats, coffee, cat treats, popcorn, cat treats, and some more cat treats. Ear rubs (from base to tip) and face rubs. Laying on his humans’ torsos. Helping any workers who come into the house. Also, did we mention cat treats?

I rule! And do you have any cat treats?

Dislikes: He tries to be polite about it, but he doesn’t like having other cats in the house: he is always assessing the hierarchy and he needs to be on top! Although he will actively help any workers who come to the house, he shows later (through territorial marking….) that he doesn’t appreciate the intrusion.

About Max: We found Max in a parking lot in Michigan, when he came out from under a car and said he needed some help. In that part of Michigan, the animal shelter took only dogs: stray cats were generally left at farms to become “barn cats.” We didn’t need a third cat, and yet we couldn’t do that to a friendly, social kitten. So we decided to bring him back to DC and place him in a shelter here. But in the few days before we drove back, he completely charmed us and by the time we got home, we decided we had room for one more cat. Although he never fought with them, he never liked the idea that there were other, older, established cats in the household. He waited them out, and now he is delighted to be the only cat. Weirdly, once he became the happy center of attention, he found his voice and became a very vocal cat, after years of silence. He is always aware that he is really a Michigander, and needs a “reset” visit back regularly – although he’s not thrilled about the trips back and forth, he’s proud to be such a traveler and is very popular in airports and on planes (especially with all the kids!). And he’s just thrilled when he’s there.

[From Max: I don’t know why those humans don’t appreciate more my protecting our territory from the strangers who enter. I have to mark after most people enter. My primary exception is my best friend, Debbie. She comes to hang out with me when the humans aren’t around – it’s a secret, so don’t tell the humans! – and I love her. She lets me lay on her, brushes me, and gives me treats. I worry sometimes that the humans might find her in the house, but so far we’ve been lucky that she only comes when they are away.]