Meet Buster!

Name: Buster Kullberg

Breed: Orange Tabby

Likes: Looking handsome. Drinking water from your glass, guests’ glasses, the bathtub, the Christmas tree, and the toilet. Nibbling people’s noses. Asking for more food at 4am even though his bowl is full. Eating the wall to wall carpeting. Eating his compounded Prozac tuna treats to stop him from eating the wall to wall carpeting. Getting his cheeks brushed. Purring. Sleeping on his mom’s feet every night. Biting his mom’s dates. Greeting his mom with lots of meows when she comes home from work and watching reality TV.

Life is chill, man! As long as I get my kibble.

Dislikes: Trashbags getting opened and squirrels who taunt him.

About Buster: Buster is a super mellow, loving buff-colored kitty. I found him at an adoption event at Petsmart and was taken by how chill he was in his little cage. Buster is a very sweet boy and enjoys holding conversations. He loves his Sit-A-Pet sitters and is grateful for their care, so much so that my mom also uses their services for her Dorsey cat. Once a petsitter called me panicked, thinking that Buster had gotten out. I assured her that he must be inside the lining of the couch where he sleeps in his self-created fabric hammock when he doesn’t want to interact with anyone. I am lucky to have my buddy Buster at my side!