Meet Ling!

Name: Ling

Breed: Siamese

Likes: Having her people to herself in her throne room (aka the bedroom, where the boy cats aren’t allowed); helping with projects around the house and making sure they are being done right; greeting visitors; running to inspect any loud noises (while the others run away); being told how beautiful she is; getting under the covers in the winter, and rolling around in a flowerpot on the sunny deck in the summer.

What are you doing? Can I help?

Dislikes: A closed door (except when it is keeping those annoying boy cats out); humans getting up and ruining a perfectly good lap and nap.

About Ling: Ling got her name from the Thai (Siamese) word for “monkey” because of her inquisitive, active, and monkey-like ways. Her people have also decided she deserves a new species name “Felis investigus”. Her brothers are “Fellis pesticus” (he’s very naughty), and “Felis resticus” (he’s a lazy kinda guy). Now don’t let her regal, delicate appearance fool you she’s a tough kitty that is a cancer survivor having gone through two major surgeries and chemotherapy. It will be three years at the new year so she is officially cancer-free. Regardless of everything she has endured, she remains the sweetest, most patient and loving kitty anyone could hope to have in their home.