Meet Roarie!

Name: Roarie

Breed: Gray Tabby

Likes: Sleeping on the job (as pictured); playing “Da Bird” and fetch; hunting for mice in the apartment; feeling the wind in my fur; drinking from neglected water glasses; removing those water glasses from counters and tabletops; snuggling in the afternoon and night (also stealing pillows); watching squirrels through the window; laying in the sun on lazy weekends; visits from Sit-a-Pet; empty boxes; sitting on laptops, especially if someone is trying to work.

Hey guys, what’s going on?

Dislikes: Rules; new furniture; loud noises; being woken up from a nap.

About Roarie: Hi guys, I’m Roarie. I picked my family when they came to the Washington Humane Society in March 2012, when I latched on with my claws (literally) and never let go (figuratively). I think I made a good choice. I used to be called “Rory,” but we agreed to change it to “Roarie” because it was more fitting. What can I say? I love to talk. I also love running around the apartment, meowing and howling, jumping onto ledges and up and down stairs, and chasing my toys (which can be anything from a rubber band to a liberated grape). In my quieter moments, I love to rub up against my family’s legs and ask them for scratches under my chin, or to curl up in their laps for a nap, usually right before they were about to get up. I enjoy a good fish-based wet food (who doesn’t?), but I never eat too much. Thanks to Sit-a-Pet for taking care of me when my family is away and for making me November Pet of the Month!