Meet Smudgeface!

Name: Smudgeface

Breed: DC Alley Cat

Likes: I like to wander in the house and play with catnip toys and lie in front of the fire. (The indoor cats are afraid of me even though I’m tiny). I’m not very food motivated, but a little piece of leftover chicken is a nice treat.

I know that I have people that love
me, but I really want to stay outside!

Dislikes: Quick movements, strangers, cold weather, and snow.

About Smudgeface: I live with my sister in an alley in Washington DC. Three years ago, with the help of Alley Cat Allies, we were TNRed (Trapped, Neutered, Returned). I’m in their brochure! I love to be talked to, petted and get tummy rubs. I guess I’m not very feral anymore!