Meet Feisty!

Name: Feisty, Feistilla or Feist-feist. Originally I was named Fancy (yuk!), the shelter where I was dropped off then switched my name to Fiesta, but I am not a party girl and as my human companion is from Spain that name would just not do, so I now proudly go by Feisty which goes much better with my personality.

Breed: Persian

Likes: Cicadas and grasshoppers (yum!), Kraft singles, cooked pasta (just out of the water, a minute later it is disgusting!), dental cat chews from the vet, petromalt hairball stuff; sitting on newspaper, belly rubs, sleeping next to the fireplace, looking at birds on the balcony and window and exploring the outdoors when I am allowed (rarely! I apparently hide very well and ignore calls to go back inside).

I am not stubborn; I just don’t like cat food! You eat the dry stuff!

Dislikes: Cat food in general (including all the 30 brands my human has hoped I liked); baths; all other cats and dogs in my field of vision; the Dyson; people that insist on picking me up and think I am a lap cat (I am definitely not!). I don’t particularly like snow, but my human seems to think I make a great contrast with the white stuff, so every winter I have to test it out. But most of all I hate when my piece of cheese falls on the floor and I can’t pick it up – have you tried to pick up a piece of flat cheese from the floor with no nose? (and no, I did not run into a door, my breed is just noseless)

About Feisty: I seem to have landed at the shelter when I was 4 years old – I am not sure why, I am very cute and petite, soft and cuddly, easy to be with; I rarely meow and pretty much keep to myself and enjoy long naps in my favorite spots around the house. I did for a while like to pee on the carpet, so maybe that is why I ended up in that jail with all those other cats! My current human companion rescued me from that and we have reached an agreement on the carpet peeing. I am now the queen of the house and, I like to think, the neighborhood as well – with only 6 lb and no claws I have run bigger cats and an occasional dog off the property! It is all in the attitude, and I have sufficient for a 30 lb cat. My friends at Sit-a-Pet say I’m like “a little black, female version of Oscar the grouch”… I’m not sure who Oscar is, but I bet he is a charming chap with lots of personality and an opinion or two to express.

My most memorable adventure was on an Air France flight to Spain. I was in this carrier being squished a bit to fit under the seat in front of my human’s seat, when I realized that if I hit the zipper with my head repeatedly I could open the carrier and slip out. In the middle of the night I snuck out and went wondering around. I got to the kitchen and was looking for the fridge to stand by and get some cheese, when a French speaking flight attendant yelled “Oh là là mon Dieu!” and went to wake up my human who was sleeping back where I left her. They tried to catch me so I dashed under the seats and all I could see were feet and more feetit was a sea of feet! I did not know what to do and was a little scared, but I started hearing my name being called, so I went towards the sound and ah! finally I saw my human! She was on all fours with a bunch of those flight attendants all looking at the sea of feet – I wondered if they were also looking for some cheese? I went towards my human who luckily picked me up and took me back to that awful carrier… after that I tried to go for a stroll again, but something was blocking the zipper… that carrier has been no fun ever since! Now if I just had opposable thumbs… my life would be purrfect.