Meet Buddy!

Name: Buddy

Breed: Maine Coon Cat and ????. Approximately 15 years old.

Likes: Looking out the window over downtown Washington, playing with toys and sleep. Buddy can spend hours watching birds, people and the busy world outside, no matter what the weather. He also loves to gnaw on old leather belts, chase laser lights and wrestle. He’s expert at sleeping, sometimes 14 hours a day.

I always have to stay connected with the world outside.

Dislikes: Sirens and garbage trucks and vacuum cleaners. Being a wise cat, Buddy knows garbage trucks are actually huge, loud cockroaches with wheels that are not to be trusted. When garbage trucks rumble down the street, Buddy crouches down into battle stations. Fire trucks and ambulances appear to be related to the garbage trucks, but are louder. As for vacuum cleaners, who can blame him. Does anyone like those things?

About Buddy: Buddy’s a delightful fellow, entering his twilight years. He was adopted from a shelter when he was ten years old (his previous family had given him up due to allergies of a newborn child. He was sick and in quarantine in the Montgomery County Animal Shelter when he agreed to give city living a try. Due to thyroid disease, he’s gone from an extraordinary 22 pounds down to 10, but still has a strong appetite and dutifully takes his medicine twice a day. He’s a night cat and an early riser – breakfast is at 5 a.m. year-round.

Why does Buddy deserve to be Sit-A-Pet of the month? Buddy makes people smile. He’s a social animal. Saint Saranah of Sit-A-Pet comes to care for Buddy one or two trips a month – Buddy’s always welcoming and gets his exercise following her around the apartment. Buddy’s doctor summed it up – “I don’t’ actually like cats, but your cat is different. He’s got a great personality.” He’s an affectionate, outgoing furball who brings great joy to people he meets.