Meet Teddy!

Name: Teddy Roosevelt

Breed: Sable Burmese

Likes: Attention, feather toys on fishing poles, sitting in his travel cab (in the house), giving and receiving lots of hugs and kisses, playing in the car (in the garage), Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats, burrowing under the comforter to make a nest, belly rubs, stalking and pouncing on his kitty companion, more hugs and kisses, being naughty while he watches his Mom out of the corner of his eye to see how far he can get, watching the bird feeder, travel, massages.

Everybody loves a lover

Dislikes: Getting out of bed in the morning, seeing anyone else with fur get attention, not being allowed to go in the closet where the furnace is, most canned cat food, loud or startling noises, visitors who don’t give him enough attention and admiration.

About Teddy: Teddy is six and moved to Virginia from Massachusetts when he was about a year old. His feline companion is his cousin, a Blue Burmese girl named Zuzu. Teddy is a very sociable and friendly boy. He loves visitors. He has learned a lot about plumbing and other masculine pursuits and he tries to help all the repairmen do their jobs. He follows Mom from room to room – one friend observed “he won’t let you out of his sight!” He is very, very demanding of attention and will literally climb you like a tree if you are ignoring him when you should be adoring him. He is also a very effective bed-warmer as he prefers to sleep under the covers. When it comes to taking his medicine every day, he is a champ. And he loves his Sit-A-Pet catsitter!.