Meet Tutti!

Name: Tutti (Nudey-Patudey Petunia)

Breed: Ragdoll?

Likes: All kinds of food – cat food, fish, cheese, eggs, angel food cake, ginger bread cake, brioche, General Tso’s tofu and Kung Pao tofu and petrolux; getting brushed, catnip and belly rubs.

Did I hear a bag of chips open?

Dislikes: Going to the vet; the landlord; stray kitties on the back porch; getting woken from a deep sleep, and having food taken away from me.

About Tutti: I’m a big, fuzzy girl! In fact, I’m 20lbs of love! My little brother Buddha (Booger Butt Bear) brought me home with him from the Washington Humane Society. I chose our human but she fell in love with Buddha the minute she rubbed his belly for the first time – I should have shown her my big, pink belly first! I like having Buddha around. We like to clean each other and play together. He plays rough though and I’m just a gentle giant. Recently I learned a new trick, I learned how to shake paws like a dog and then I get treats!