Meet Annie!

Name: Annie (or Annie Cat or Annie Poots, depending on what she’s been up to)

Breed: Anyone’s guess. American domestic shorthair with really big bones.

Likes: Any cat food, and the cheaper the better! Yum! She also likes soft towels, pulling blankets over her head, her puppy beanbag, paper to shred, sleeping late, sleeping in the sun, just sleeping.

I’m a cheap date (the cheaper the cat food, the more she seems to like it)

Dislikes: She’s been on a diet but is having a hard time taking off the pounds. (She weighs 22 lbs.) It seems that even though she eats less, she is using even fewer calories. She may actually be a new species of suspended animation cats- she can stay in the same space for hours, barely moving, so she doesn’t use up much energy.

About Annie: Annie is our fourth cat and probably the smartest one we’ve had. She invented a chase game by pulling dry food out of her bowl and onto the floor for us to pick up and toss so that she can chase it. She also seems to understand full sentences – and tries to talk back to us (usually along the lines of “no I didn’t.”). She keeps a box of toys that she goes to periodically and pulls out to enjoy. She likes to have us run around chasing the balls that she bats in all directions.

Annie has an amazing ability to create a force field on the bed. Immovable once asleep, she seems to weigh three times her day-time poundage. Her bedmates are often imprisoned under her tonnage.