Meet Iggy!

Name: Iggy, age 9

Breed: American Shorthair

Likes: The very favorite thing in Iggy’s world are towels hot from the dryer, wonderful for playing and snuggling; he even defers mealtime when he’s snuggling in warm towels! Getting brushed is high on Ig’s list, especially on his cheeks, between his ears, and near the base of his tail. Ig figures that when I read the newspaper, it’s really a cue that he should come sit on it to be petted and brushed. Rolling on the carpet is a fine way to spend five minutes every so often, too. Ig used to love to chew the tails off toy mice and he still adores chewing on rubber-like material. The cord on a bouncing furball is more fun than the furball itself, he thinks. It’s great fun to stroll down the hallway in the apartment building, to sniff at doors where other cats live and scamper back home at the sound of opening doors.

They call me BIG IG LOVE PIG!”, an epithet given him by our first Sit-A-Pet care giver, when he head-butted his sister out of the way so he could get all the attention.

Dislikes: Most of all, Ig hates not getting exactly the attention he wants the instant that he wants it. He complains if I don’t go to bed when he thinks it’s time (for treats!) and he wakes me up when he thinks it’s time (for breakfast) in the morning. Ig hates loud noises, especially the fire alarm. Ig hates a dirty litter box and often will fetch me to clean it promptly.

About Iggy: I first met Iggy and his sister Nora nine years ago at the Washington Humane Society, when they were scarcely five weeks old, two in a litter of four. Luckily I was the first to see them and was able to adopt the pair, who were inseparable until Nora’s death last November. We both miss her, but our adventures continue together. Ig will sit quietly on my lap while I watch television or read. He likes it when I whisper to him and when I sing softly for him (a genuine music lover, Nora would run away). Ig’s a gentle, goofy boy who enjoys playing and eating and watching the world outside the windows.