Name: The BZA

Breed: Budgerigar

Likes: Millet, his brother Wiley, hanging out on the windowsill, real hip-hop, baths in the fountain, free flying in the house

Seed rules everything around me.

Dislikes: Also his brother Wiley, healthy food, molting, his annual visits to the vet

About The BZA: As the first and only bird member of Wu-Tang Clan, The BZA takes his name from his distant human cousins The RZA and The GZA. The BZA was raised on the mean streets of Petco, getting picked on by older and larger budgies, which is where his Mom found him. He has now been with his Mom and Dad for 5 years and is King of the House, enjoying free flight for most of the day. The BZA is an early bird, and even with the cage cover on, always makes sure Mom and Dad are awake to fill the food bowl in the morning with sweet (and occasionally impatient) flock calls. He tolerates the company of his brother Wiley, occasionally even enjoying shared time with him on the windowsill before bird law kicks in and he tells Wiley to scram. The BZA is honored to be Sit-A-Pet’s May 2022 Pet of the Month and, since Wu-Tang is for the children, pledges to set a good example for all of the baby birds out there.