Name: Tulip

Breed: Bengal

Likes: Belly rubs, being brushed on her cheeks, her cat brother

Butler!  Bring me my food and rub my belly.  I said now!

Dislikes: Being picked up, having her nails cut, loud noises

About Tulip: Tulip is a four-year-old Bengal cat, born in New Hampshire.  She has very soft fur with a marble pattern that glows silver at the tips.  Like most cats, Tulip really knows what she wants and what she doesn’t.  When she does not want to be pet, you can forget about it!  But when she wants cuddle time she will let you know by flopping down in front of you belly-up or curling up on your lap.  Tulip has a brother named Mac who is from the same litter but who is a lot bigger than she is.  But that doesn’t stop her from stalking and tackling him whenever she wants.   She is a really fast runner and loves to chase little plastic slinkies that we throw for her.  It’s funny to see her prance around with a slinky in her mouth!  When she wants to play, she’ll pick one up and bring it over to you. Tulip can jump really high, too, and loves showing off her athletic abilities to her sitter Nanette. One of Tulip’s best tricks is leaping way up in the air and catching a slinky as we throw it.  Tulip is such a sweet cat and we are so proud of her for being pet of the month!