Name: Moby

Breed: Domestic Shorthair/Orange Tabby

Likes: Food, cuddles, boxes, knocking things off shelves/tables, faucets, fire trucks

Whatcha doin’? Can I help?

Dislikes: Closed doors because something interesting might be on the other side; also open doors which he will push shut and then be trapped behind a closed door (we now have doorstops everywhere).

About Moby: We adopted Moby (along with our other cat, Bellini) from the Humane Rescue Alliance in 2016. Moby is super friendly and likes to play, get into whatever you’re doing, or just sit next to you. He likes to chase Bellini or cuddle next to her and when he wants quiet time, he sleeps in his Christmas tree bed but only if it’s on its side. He loves playing with his sitter, Tristine, who really gets him running and sends us wonderful pictures of him in mid-air when we’re away!