Meet Picasso!

Name: Picasso (we named him this because he is a PAINTED turtle)

Breed: Painted turtle

Likes: Food and attention

Dislikes: Water changes and disruption when he’s sleeping

Hi, hi, hi, I’m sooo happy to see you…do you have any food?

About Picasso: This is the story of how we got Picasso. As we were coming home from a long day out, we saw a 20-gallon tank by the side of the road. We asked the owners if they were getting rid of the tank and if we could take it. They then told us the story about a turtle they had for 25 years and had recently surrendered to a local pet store. They ended up giving us all their supplies (including a high-quality canister filter) to care for the turtle. Having done a lot of research, we felt ready to take on a turtle and decided to go to the place where they had surrendered the turtle. Sadly, the conditions he was kept in before were not adequate and his growth was stunted relative to the average size of the species. Once he came into our care, we wanted to make sure he had a better environment. We made sure he had a large enough tank, a basking spot outside of the water, correct lighting on the basking spot, enrichment in his tank, proper substrate, proper diet, etc. Picasso is now a happy, healthy turtle in his loving forever home.