Meet Grant!

Name: Grant Mitchell

Breed: Flame Point Siamese

Likes: Food, including whatever my human drops on the floor or forgets on the counter. (I have been known to steal the toasted half of a bagel when my human isn’t looking.) My favorite pastime includes roaming the apartment and window gazing while holding my toy “Mousie” in my mouth. I also love tussling with my brother, Charlie Slater, getting pets, and watching the toilet flush. Oh, and did I mention food?

Where’s breakfast?

Dislikes: Getting bopped on the head by my adopted sister, Dollie Rose, and getting shut out of the room where Dollie is eating breakfast.

About Grant Mitchell, Charlie Slater, and Dollie: Grant and Charlie, four year old Siamese Flame Point brothers, were rescued from a hoarding situation in the Roanoke Valley. The boys landed on my doorstep via Siamese Rescue Center in Locust Dale, VA. And Dollie, who is almost 17, is a Lynx Point Siamese from Corinth, Texas, via Texas Siamese Rescue.

The boys were originally named “Grant” and “Gabe.” As an unrepentant Anglophile, I had planned to rename them Nigel and Clive, my idea of upper crusty British names suitable for the royalty that is the Siamese cat.

But I realized that I already knew a “Grant”–that is, Grant Mitchell, neighborhood tough guy from the English soap opera (and my favorite TV show) “EastEnders.” Grant has terrorized the residents of fictional Albert Square since 1990, sort of like my Grant terrorizes Charlie.

With Grant staying Grant, his brother followed suit to become another EastEnders character, sweet-but-dim cabbie Charlie Slater, of the large and boisterous Slater family.

All three of the kitties love their visits from Joelle of Sit-A-Pet. Joelle has the patience to separate Dollie from the boys while she eats. And I love reading the notes Joelle leaves me about her adventures in cat sitting. I’ve been using Sit-A-Pet for many years and plan to continue doing so!