Meet Princess!

Name: Princess

Breed: Domestic Short hair

Likes: Treats! She also likes Da Bird, treat balls (they have treats inside!), and her “cow mouse”. She also likes night time cuddles.

I am happy I no longer live on the streets. I wish all kitties were that lucky.

Dislikes: Being picked up, children and other cats.

About Princess: Princess came into my life as a foster cat. She was in a home where she wanted to be the alpha cat but was too young and got into fights all the time. So she needed a home without other cats and came to live with me. She was called Cry Baby, but we didn’t really know why, she’s very quiet. One day she was “helping” me at work (I work from home), deleting emails from my boss, taking screen shots etc. I lifted her up and uttered “you’re such a princess!” She looked at me as if to say “you finally figured that out?” At that moment I knew she was Princess. My Princess. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Princess likes to explore, she likes to meet new people, but she’s also skeptical. She’s very aware of her environment; I think she lived on the street long enough to have a strong instinct to protect herself.
Two years ago, I decided to create a Facebook page for her. She has over 1200 followers now, and she posts things from her everyday life. Lots of pictures, and when I’m on business trips, small videos from my security cameras.
Princess and her mum both celebrate their birthdays in May. Being chosen for the May Pet of the Month adds to the celebration!