Meet Conroy!

Name: Conroy

Breed: Black-Spotted, Bengal-like Domestic

Likes: Treats, dunking toys in the toilet, running on her cat wheel, being up high, opening the kitchen cabinets, playing hide and seek, and strangely, spinach.

All hail the Queen.

Dislikes: Strangers, closed doors, and snow.

About Conroy: Named for author Pat Conroy, I brought this diva home when she was 10 weeks old. Not much of a cat person, I wasnt quite sure what to expect now nearly four years later, all I can say is that its been quite the adventure.

Part cat, part bottomless pit, and part Velociraptor, I am at turns astonished by her endless capacity to consume treats and her ability to learn. A quick study, she sits on command and has figured out how to open all the doors and kitchen cabinets, which often translates to a delightful serenade of thuds in the wee hours as she bats them open and closed. After I taught her hide and seek (well, more hide and surprise) her favorite morning game is to lie in wait next to the bathroom door and pounce at me after my shower.

Particular about the company she keeps, visitors must earn her affection. It’s only after an extended visit that she may permit a brief pat on the head – any excess beyond that will get you a disdainful side eye and a flick of the tail as she strides away. Fortunately, she is fiercely loyal and accepts me as her person. During weekdays, she watches for me to come home from work and promptly flops onto her back for a belly rub when I walk in the door. When I return from travel, she purrs like a mini-diesel engine, tail puffy with excitement.

Four years on, I’m still not sure I’m a cat person, but I am most definitely Conroy’s person.

A huge thank you to all of our friends at Sit-A-Pet who have been waving feather wands, fishing toys out of the toilet, tolerating fits of pique from atop the refrigerator, and bestowing treats since 2010!