Meet Cosmo!

Name: Cosmo (his real name), Cosmosis, Cosmopolitan, Cozzie.

Breed: Mainly an American Cream Tabby (with some other breeds)

Likes: Having his head licked by his sister, Steffi (the “Fluffy One”); being scratched and rubbed; catnip; playing circus cat with the kitty tease; wrestling with the Fluffy One; kitty tease; grabbing at human legs; kitty tease; bouncing around destroying furniture; being Tarzan the Jungle Cat on the screens; and did I say kitty tease?

I didn’t do it — it was the Fluffy One!

Dislikes: Being accused of doing things he “didn’t” do; being picked up when he’s relaxing (although he will just hang from your arms if you pick him up in a good mood); and the Big Red cat that comes to the back door.

About Cosmo: We got Cosmo from a foster cat parent through a group called Four Paws. Our older cat had passed away the month before, and our other cat, Steffi, was mourning and lonely. We visited the foster parent’s home where Cosmo (then named Bunny because he was born on Easter Sunday), was living with his identical twin brother and their mother. Cosmo was following his supposedly naughtier brother on the “race course” that went around the furniture. We picked him because we thought he wasn’t quite as naughty as his twin. But, well, we were a little na•ve. Since then, he has (“allegedly,” according to his “lawyer”) knocked down vases and lamps, broken picture frames, mowed down plants (his “snacks”) and shredded furniture. Lucky for him, he’s irresistible! With his tawny fur, golden almond-shaped eyes and tan striped belly, he has captured all our hearts, including his big fluffy sister’s, and makes us laugh every day. We love Sit-a-Pet and are beyond grateful to have had Pat care for our various cats for 16 years. They adore her, and she always knows what they need. In our latest “Report Card,” Pat mentioned that Cosmo got “lots of pets and kisses.