Meet Lucy!

Name: Lucy

Breed: Domestic short hair/tortie mix

Likes: Sprinting up and down the hallway, sitting in boxes, playing with her spider and furry mice toys, chirping at the birds outside the living room window, attacking the laundry hamper, trying to open the front door, inspecting shopping bags and shoes, weekend naps, eating pad thai, licking Caesar salad dressing, watching tennis and getting treats from Dad.

Who needs two eyes? I’ve got tons of heart.

Dislikes: The vacuum cleaner, the cat carrier, whenever the phone rings, trips to the vet and a neighborhood cat named Pee-Wee.

About Lucy: Lucy was adopted from the Washington Humane Society in December 2005. A member of the family that Lucy had previously lived with abused her so badly that Lucy lost her left eye. When Lucy was adopted she was underweight, had a bad chest-cold and was very sad after having spent almost two months at the shelter. Since then, Lucy has transformed into a beautiful, happy girl. She’s gained a lot of weight and spends her days running, jumping, playing and demanding treats. When she came to her new home, Lucy was a little shy, but it wasn’t long before she declared herself queen and now runs the place. Lucy’s mornings begin with a few quick sprints up and down the building hallway and always include a bit of play with her spider toys, which she happily jumps three feet in the air to get. She is extremely friendly and loves to meet new people. Lucy had a rough start to life, but now knows only fun, love and new friends.