Meet Louie!

Name: Louie K. Blooie

Breed: Sphynx

Likes: Sleeping in the bed under the covers with his head sticking out (just like people do); rubbing his face against a scratchy, unshaven chin; greeting strangers by climbing on their shoulders and nuzzling their necks; waking up; testing gravity by knocking small items off of high surfaces; eating marshmallows; barking like a dog from atop the refrigerator.

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

Dislikes: Cold hands; the current administration’s regressive anti-sphynx policies.

About Louie: On Oahu, in an old house surrounded by abandoned pineapple fields and dogs chained waterless in the brutal tropical sun, Louie was born. Of his litter of 6, only he and a sister survived the first couple of weeks. When we first met him, he was a tiny baby. Months later we returned full of excuses (like already having three cats) why we could not adopt him. But he was so sweet and clung to us, as if to say, “Save me from this place.” It was love at second sight, both for him and for us. We took him with us, and he never looked back. Being pink skinned, Louie sometimes gets confused as to whether he shares species with us people or with our other kitties, who include a Devon Rex from Australia and another Devon Rex born in New Zealand.

On our move back to DC, for shipping the cats, the airline wanted us to certify that Louie would be okay for at least two hours in 25 degree weather. Six pounds, hairless and (being Hawaiian) never having felt any temperature below 68 degrees – he flew with us in the cabin instead. No doubt he felt welcomed to DC right away. As we came off the plane at Dulles, some nice lady looked at him and exclaimed, “What a cute chihuahua!”