Meet Miw!

Name: Miw (aka Miwster)

Breed: Part domestic shorthair, part Siamese

Likes: Being recognized as the regal ruler of the household; sleeping in front of the heating vent; sleeping anywhere; eating treats like shrimp; eating generally; scratching pads of all sizes and shapes; drinking out of the bathtub faucet; affection from her favorite people (including Tammy and Kate from Sit-A-Pet); shedding, especially on anyone wearing black.

(After months when my husband and I were both traveling frequently on business) “Mom, face it: Just buy stock in Sit-A-Pet.

Dislikes: Having her nails clipped, vacuum cleaners; car trips; and being expected to do anything that isn’t her own idea.

About Miw: Miwster came from the Montgomery County Humane Society nine years ago as a tiny, scared, and mite-infested kitten, a birthday gift to my son from his Dad and stepmother. She quickly gained her health and her self-confidence, however. When my son’s father moved abroad in 1999 for an overseas assignment, Miw came to live with us (causing me to refer to her as “my cat from a former marriage”). She has since become a very important part of our family, probably more so since my son left for college in the fall of 2001.

Because my husband and I both travel for business (and sometimes for fun!), Miw really enjoys visits from Tammy (and Kate and Clair) from Sit-A-Pet. Miw is a very “hard grader” about who she’ll allow to take care of her…but these special people have passed her test.

I asked Miw if she had any final comments to add here, but she was soundly sleeping…probably another tough day in Washington.