Name: Bailey Burke Browne, aka “Bailey Boo”

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Tortie

Likes: Treats, Peacock Feather Sticks, and the Heating Pad

Give me treats, now!

Dislikes: People she doesn’t know in the house, being in her carrier, and having her belly rubbed

About Bailey: Bailey came to us from Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) in 2016. She joined another FOHA adoptee, Jackson. They were not fast friends, but eventually became buddies. Early in the pandemic, Bailey began to lose weight and became much less active. She was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease. With steroid treatment, she is back to her normal self—warm, loving and playful. Dean from Sit-a-Pet is her third favorite person in the world, third only to mom and dad; he’s been her pal for almost 8 years. We’ve relied on Dean for the last 16 years, to care for Bailey, and our previous cats Jackson and Quincey.