Name: Arlo

Breed: Domestic long-hair

Let’s play!

Likes: Playing with plastic straps that my mom gets when she orders 5 reams of paper at once. Sitting on special paper my grandma gives me from packages she gets. Sitting in my special box that I have in every room. Playing monkey-in-the-middle with a ball that my mom and dad roll or throw in the living room.

Dislikes: The most horrible thing that happens to me is when I have to go in my cat carrier. I hate that thing! It scares me to death. It seems like the end of the world! But usually I am only going to the spa (shampoo) or to the doctor’s office, which is never really that bad. But, still, I freak out every time.

About Arlo: Arlo is my nickname; my full name is Arlington, named after this county where I am happy to call home. Other names that Mom and Dad call me are: Arl (like Carl), Lo, Arloroni, Arlon, Mister, Cutie Pie, and Cute Stuff. I was born and lived in New Jersey, but life didn’t work out up there. My mom’s aunt told her I was looking for a home, and they came and got me in Cherry Hill when I was about 8. I love to cuddle and sleep with my people. I love sitting on Daddy’s chest and “mauling” his face (as he calls it): rubbing my head against his face, knocking his glasses askew, licking and love-biting his ears and nose. I love doing yoga with Mom. We all watch movies together and read together. I usually work in my mom’s office at home (by which I mean nap). When they are not home, Dean takes care of me, which I love because he really understands me. Before I came along, Dean took care of two previous cats at this house: Hobo and Zoey, so Dean has been a part of this family for 22 years!