Name: Kittisue, the “Caribbean Princess”

Breed: Mixed maybe with some Siamese?

Likes: Two squares and undisturbed sleep, her red heart toy, cuddling with day’s dirty socks and nosing around her big brother Argan. She is a big talker and loves modeling as spokescat encouraging donations to her heroes at the St. John Animal Care Center (SJACC)

Read all about me in my book! Oh, and I love my George

Dislikes: Life in the wild. Winter up north (Arlington)

About Kittiesue: She was not always a glamorous international model and spokescat for animal adoptions with her own website and book (well, actually shared with her brother Argan). Born wild on St John, USVI, Kittisue suffered the typical struggles of ferals. Hungry and flea ridden, eager to bond, she was rescued by visiting Hellen and George. Her new life in Arlington was engineered by Ryan and colleagues at the amazing SJACC via United Airlines. Thanks to a catch-and-release program centered on rural feeding stations, the SJACC reduced the feral cat population to just a few litters a year (still some to be adopted out). Kittisue was lucky, and she reminds you to support local animal shelters and the SJACC to help other pets find loving homes.

Read all about her in “A Catography: The Story of Argan and Kittisue”  All profits go to the St. John Animal Care Center.