Meet Callie and Oliver!

Name: Callie, Oliver

Breed: Domestic shorthair—gray calico, orange tabby

Likes: Our laser pointer toy, midnight obstacle races across the bedroom, scratches behind the ears, wrestling with each other.

Even though we like to wrestle, we like to cuddle together too!

Dislikes: People who sleep late when it is time to feed the cats.

About Callie and Oliver: Callie and Oliver are 18 month old siblings, adopted from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter a bit over a year ago. Although Oliver is now about twice Callie’s size, both of them agree that Callie is the boss. When cat food is served, Callie decides who gets which bowl—if she likes the look of Oliver’s better, she just butts him with her head, and he moves to the other one. If he picks a nap spot and Callie decides she should have it, she butts him and he gets up and finds a new place. They have mock battles when Callie is bored and decides to pounce on Oliver—he plays along, but runs away if it gets too rough.

Callie and Oliver are the third pair of cats I have had who were cared for by Sit-A-Pet. My first cat in DC, Toby, was adopted from the DC animal shelter in the 1970s, and lived to be 23 years old. She was actually Sit-A-Pet’s 9th client, back when Debbie first founded the company in 1980.

Sit-A-Pet has always been incredibly reliable and concerned about my cats. I was out of town during the recent blizzard, and my return was delayed by several days because of cancelled flights. Kathryn, my Sit-A-Pet caretaker, was so concerned about Callie and Oliver that, when bus service was cancelled, she walked the several miles between our houses in the snow to feed them when I couldn’t get home. Callie, Oliver and I are all extremely grateful to her for going above and beyond!