Meet Zuzu!

Name: Zuzu

Breed: Blue Burmese

Likes: Attention, having her back scratched (purr), salmon and tuna cat food, climbing the clothes in the closet like a rock face to reach the topmost shelf, freeze-dried tuna flakes treats, running after and pouncing on a 3′ long piece of clothesline (her favorite toy), having her claws clipped (purr), sleeping on the pillow right next to your head so her loud purring keeps you awake, yogurt, rolling on the floor of the garage in the sand and dirt, having her belly rubbed (purr), hanging out on the roof of the car when it is parked in the garage, looking at herself in the mirror, eating grass.

When you are loved unconditionally, life doesn’t get much better!

Dislikes: Going to the vet, loud noises, being ignored, being shut into a room whether she is alone in there or not, treadmills, loud TV, being bullied out of a nice comfy sleeping spot by her (larger) feline companion, wearing a harness, seeing her feline companion get a lot of attention.

About Zuzu: Zuzu is nine years old, but she thinks she looks younger. She moved to Virginia from Massachusetts when she was about a year old, with her feline companion, Teddy. Her real name is Azzura, which sort of means Blue Girl in Italian. Her personality is definitely more Zuzu. Shes a beautiful blue Burmese who gets all kinds of attention and admiration whenever she appears in public (e.g., at the vet). And she believes all of it. Shes very smart and quick. She is also a busy girl, who paces and patrols the room sometimes. She will eat almost anything you put in front of her, except most people food. She has asthma and has to use an inhaler once a day, but she’s a good girl and takes her medicine very calmly (perhaps because the inhaler is invariably followed by TREATS.) She is much loved and adored and she loves her family back.