Meet Harley!

Name: Hi there. My name is Harley. I was brought home three years ago from the shelter (I do not like cages!) and my Mom struggled with what to call me. After considerable thinking time she settled on Harley (a la Harley Davidson) because I purr and purr. Not just the low you-can-only-feel-it-if-you-have-your-hand-on-my-back type of purr but more the you-can-hear-it-across-the-couch variety. Though she calls me Punkin a lot… what is a Punkin?

Breed: American Short hair

Likes: There is nothing I like better than to curl up on the couch next to Mom. I stretch my paws out across her lap and I prefer to put my head on her hand (particularly if she has that laptop thing there). In my opinion she does not spend enough time on the couch, 24-7 would be sufficient.
In addition to being a cuddler, I am a foodie. I will try anything Mom has. I must say, keep your yogurt, I like a bit of salt and crunch. I find Cheese-its to be quite yummy. I particularly like it when Mom holds it and lets me tear off pieces. Another thing I absolutely love more than anything else is someone scratching my belly while I eat. Perhaps this is a hold-over from my days on the road but I find it very comforting. I am usually at the door or on the stairs to say hello whenever Mom comes home. Mom talks to me all the time, asking my opinion on clothes and demanding I catch the occasional fly (ick, puhleese). Lets not forget the toys, there is usually some cat nip around (yeah, baby) and these furry mice that Grandma brings for me every time she visits. My Momma loves me so much. I am so lucky.

Is it time to eat? I am so cute, it must be time to eat.

Dislikes: Though I am a cuddler and cannot get enough rubs and scratches, I am not a big fan of being picked up. I like ground (or couch or bed) under all four paws, thank you very much. I also dont appreciate being kept waiting for my dinner. I let my displeasure regarding this waiting be known very clearly when Mom comes home, unacceptable. But I forgive very quickly… as soon as I get my wet food. One of Moms dislikes is getting up to give me breakfast. I have learned to wake her gently with purrs and nuzzles about 6am (we have negotiated that time) but I am relentless. I want my breakfast!

About Harley: Mom made several trips to the shelter to find me. She held lots of needy kitties but I was the big winner. Prior to coming home, I had spent a lot of time in a cage (the place I came from kept me in a cage even before I got to the shelter) so I am so very happy to have unlimited scratches, cuddles and kisses (and lets not forget wet food). My people preferences are children (quiet ones only please), women and then men… in that order. I dont dislike men, generally, they arent very cuddly. If the right man came along I might change my mind.

We have been together for three years now and I keep a close eye on my Mom. In fact I am pretty much with her at all times when she is home (THIS one is not getting away). I especially like it when she does yoga at home. That is perfect time for some loving head butting (plank position is the perfect height) with lots of purrs, lying in the middle of the mat during down dog, and sitting on her stomach when she does V-ups. I think of this as a bit of personal training.

Mom is considering a friend for me because I get lonely during the day, but I am not sure how I feel about that. I dont want to share her but some company might be nice. We will have to discuss it during one of our many conversations.