Meet Ludlow!

Name: Ludlow Cuddles (middle name)

Breed: Domestic short-hair (tuxedo)

Likes: Baked goods (especially muffins, scones)

I just want to be loved.

Dislikes: nail clippers; cat toothpaste

About Ludlow Cuddles: The name Ludlow came from the town where he was discovered, Ludlowville, NY. He was just 4 months old and playing among the gardens outside a bed-and-breakfast. Ludlow is 100% sweetness with no other ingredients. He is soft-spoken (little, momentary meows when he wants affection, food, etc.), extremely shy, dashingly handsome, and super affectionate. His cholesterol level is high (which his vet says does not present the same danger for cats as humans) – No doubt this is because of his special craving for baked goods. Ludlow’s favorites include Starbucks blueberry scones, and apple spice muffins from Best Buns – despite his craving for these sweets, Ludlow’s mom only allows him to eat teeny tiny bits. His best friends include Dean and Liz from Sit-A-Pet and a female kitty across the street named “Lady Di,” to whom he sent a special Valentines card and treats on February 14th. Ludlow is loyal to his mom and her 5-year old boy, Aidan. When Aidan cries, Ludlow leaves whatever he is doing to go sit by Aidan’s side with a concerned look on his face and meow non-stop to Aidan’s mom as if to plead: “Make him stop crying! Make Aidan feel better!” When Aidan was a baby, Ludlow would sit by his crib to protect him from predators and monsters and babysitters.