Meet Gabriel!

Name: Gabriel, known as Gabby

Breed: All around terrific rescue cat of unknown origins!

Likes: Everybody! But thinks that Greenies are the cats meow and will do his best imitation of a meerkat sitting up in order to get a Greenie!

The smallest feline is a masterpiece. (Leonardo da Vinci)

Dislikes: When you stop playing with him with the Cat Dancer more, more he says!

About Gabby: My dear friend, Ruth, called one day and said you must go to PetSmart there is the most beautiful, wonderful, sweetest kitten there. So off I went and found myself bringing home this adorable 2-lb rescue kitten. Feral rescue Emma asked how I could possibly do such a thing! But three-year-old Nash thought having someone to play with was the greatest thing since sliced fish! The joy of watching a little one grow up, not afraid of anything and finding comfort in his surroundings and the two felines he was going to spend his life, is a great gift. As the saying goes, I wish you the peace and joy that comes from loving a cat, especially one that hugs back.