Meet Simba!

Name: Simba

Breed: Domestic Shorthair, Brown Tabby

Likes: My brother, Kanga; catnip; our pet sitter, Uncle Dean, who says I’m a perfect gentleman; catnip; belly rubs and ear scratchin’; playtime, especially the kitty tease and peacock feathers; rolling around in catnip in the tub; drinking water from the faucet in the bathroom sink; playing soccer with toy mice; catnip toys; playing laser tag; roaming the hallway in our apartment building and visiting Monique, our neighbor’s cat; keeping my coat (and Kanga’s) in pristine condition; cuddling with Mom on the couch; did I mention I like catnip?

I can lick Kanga any day!

Dislikes: Pet carriers and traveling in the car because this usually means I’m going to the vet; sudden load noises; being moved when I am sleeping peacefully in the middle of Mom’s work on her desk.

About Simba: I had recently lost my cat to a car and was sitting on the patio of CafĂ© Brazil in Dallas, TX having dinner with a friend. We heard this very faint meow coming from the parking lot and my friend, being the animal rescuer that she is, quickly went to find the source of the sound. There she found this scrawny little 12-week old kitten who weighed all of about 3 pounds (most of which was probably fleas). He found me that night and we rescued each other. But I told him he was not going to get to be an indoor/outdoor cat and I would therefore find him a buddy. Kanga was adopted from the Protective Animal League and they were best buds from the moment they were introduced. Simba is definitely the dominant one in the household, although Kanga has learned to hold his own. They are true siblings, one minute they are chasing each other and wrestling on the floor (sometimes Simba has even been known to cry “uncle”) and the next minute they are curled up together sleeping peacefully. They are the loves of my life … they are my boys!