Meet Molly!

Name: Molly

Breed: Mutt (Black Lab and Shepherd mix)

Likes: Being a driving force for reducing crime in Fairlington by alerting neighbors about such infamous intruders as the garbage truck, mail man and UPS truck; long walks; sitting out on the balcony – especially on a sunny day; carrots – can’t get enough carrots; getting her belly rubbed; having two beds and a sofa at her disposal.

Live for the 3 ‘Bs’: empty bladder, full belly and soft bed!

Dislikes: Riding in cars; when Mom gets her suitcase out; thunderstorms; other dogs (except for those that live with her grandparents)

About Molly: I adopted Molly from the Animal Welfare League in Arlington in 1997. The shelter was undergoing renovations and the dog section was supposed to be closed. Despite that, on a whim one Sunday my sister and I stopped by and found out the dogs were actually there. Molly had been dropped off that morning so I have always said that we were fated to be together. As with many shelter dogs, Molly had a sad story: She was only 1 1/2 years old, skin and bones and despite her relative young age I was going to be her third owner. She came from an obviously abusive past which manifested itself through a fear of men she did not know and separation anxiety. Through time, patience, love and a daily routine, Molly has calmed down and overcome most of her problems. Interestingly, there are two men that Molly was never afraid of. One is my Dad – probably because she could read a sucker from a mile away and knew he would indulge her with people food. The second is Dean, her dog-sitter, whom she probably innately sensed has a great love for animals and therefore was one of the good guys!