Meet Popugai!

Name: Popugai – “Pupi” for short

Breed: Rainbow Lori

Likes: Playing, flying, walking, taking, imitating every sound, getting his head scratched, lying on his back and having his belly rubbed.

Pupi is a pretty bird!

Dislikes: Pupi has the best attitude – everything makes him happy. He might be a bit frightened to get in a small carrying case to go to a vet, but aren’t we all afraid of a big bad doctor?! …

About Pupi: Pupi is short for Popugai, which means “parrot” in Russian. He has no Russian connections other than his name, as the breed comes from Australia. He is 13 years old, and Lories live to be 25-30. He is definitely an English speaker. Any attempts to teach him a Russian word has failed miserably. His vocabulary is very extensive. “I love you” is his special phrase and he does not say it lightly- only when he sees I need to hear it. He repeats many sounds, and a phone ring is his favorite! Pupi loves to play with people and toys. He could ride on a person’s shoulder all day long, or shred a carrot for hours. He loves his family and adores his visiting friends from Sit-A-Pet, Christine and Robin. Judging by the notes, he shows off in front of the ladies quite a bit! He is all personality and attitude. He is a colorful bird, a playing cat, a watchdog, a dear friend and a happy voice that greets you at home after a day at work.