Meet Molson!

Name: Molson

Breed: Golden Retriever/Collie/Shepherd?

Likes: Trail walking with her sister and best friend, LaBatts, dining al fresco, frolicking in the snow, relaxing in front of the fire, howling at sirens, and strolling in the moonlight with neighbor, Bert (the stud muffin dog on the block).

With a name like Molson, you know I’m looking forward to St. Patty’s Day!

Dislikes: Those aches and pains that come with getting older.

About Molson: She was found 10 years ago in the remote northern Canadian wilderness. Her rescuer was fishing in a lake when he spotted two small animals on the distant shore. These critters jumped into the water and began swimming toward his boat. They became entwined in seaweed and fishing lines. After realizing they were puppies he scooped them out of the freezing water and into the boat. They were emaciated, cut, bleeding and exhausted. Back to camp they sped, time was not on their side. The campers rustled up scrambled eggs and bread for the starving pair. Their appetites sated, they became thirsty and wandered toward the beer- one to the case of Molson and the other toward the case of LaBatts. Hence, their names. They were taken by seaplane back to the main land and then smuggled across the border to the US. Molson and her sister LaBatts have spent the last 10 years living with their loving, caring family, forever grateful and faithful to their kind and compassionate rescuer.