Name: Carma

Breed: American standard shorthair

Likes: Traveling by car (so much to see!)

Where’s Jeff?

Dislikes: Zoom calls (what’s the big deal?)

About Carma: Carma came to me via a friend at work. Her niece had moved back in with her parents and needed to find a new home for her young cat. Her mother refused to have the cat in the house and banished Carma to the basement. Apparently, Carma would slide her paw under the basement door hoping to catch someone’s attention. Well, that was all I needed to hear.

Carma is now 7-years old. When I adopted her, I read somewhere that tuxedo cats are especially affectionate and have many dog-like qualities, and this is very true of Carma. She waits by the door for me when I’m out and is always happy to see me when I come home, usually falling over so I can rub her belly. A fellow “cat friend” debunked what I had read, telling me this is nonsense. I’m not so sure….

Carma is very social and wouldn’t dream of hiding from anyone who comes to visit. Early on, at a cocktail party for neighbors, Carma could be seen sitting in the center of the living room taking it all in. More recently, she joined my book club meeting for the entire length of the meeting although I’m pretty sure she didn’t read the book….

Does Carma have any bad habits? Yes, she likes baked goods.

Jeff is Carma’s go-to Sit-A-Pet cat sitter who allows me to go on vacation and know that my Carma is getting the best of care while I’m away.