Name: Tiffer

Breed: Rescue found with her mom, shelter thinks her dad is a Maine Coon

Likes: Tuna, belly rubs, drinking water out of glasses on the kitchen table, being brushed, clean laundry, and her Sit-A-Pet friends

Pet me! Hi, I’m over here please pet me! I’m waiting for pets!

Dislikes: Being ignored and the house cleaners

About Tiffer: Tiffer was a foster failure that we welcomed into our family in 2018. She is turning six this June! Tiffer is full of personality and is determined to constantly be noticed. She is very cuddly, sits on your keyboard while you are trying to do work on your laptop, and sits in a chair at the kitchen table during meals. Tiffer has been on an RV camping trip and will be going to college next year at William & Mary!