Name: Cosmo Korzeniewski

Breed: DSH – orange tabby

Likes: Ear scritches, snacks, the laser pointer, meeting new people & wrestling with his little sister Trixie

I cannot be contained!

Dislikes: Closed doors, petting & being anywhere near his little sister Trixie

About Cosmo: Cosmo, named for beautiful orange cosmos flowers, is a charming curmudgeon who likes things done his way. He was just over 2 years old when he fetched up at the Humane Society of Warren County, VA, as a stray. Lucky for us, he soon transferred to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) where his mom volunteers, and where we adopted him in May 2021.
When he first got to our home, Cosmo was a champion napper who dozed away the entire summer on the screened porch. By August, finally caught up on his sleep, he became VERY rambunctious and exhausted his human parents. Clearly, he needed some feline company. Enter baby Trixie, a recent, 3-lb, graduate of AWLA’s Kitten College. She turned out to be a pistol in her own right, and while Cosmo was very gentle with his new little sis at first, Trixie soon showed us all that she can take (and return) any swats, wrestling holds, and chases he dishes out.

Cosmo is very vocal, has an opinion about nearly everything, and often walks around declaiming at the top of his lungs. “I cannot be contained” is his motto. No lap sitting, no snuggly petting – only a daily dose (or two) of ear scritches is allowed. Also, no closed doors in his universe please! He quickly mastered opening the door to the screened porch. (See video on the sitapet facebook page)

Whenever we’re away, Cosmo and Trixie are tended by their favorite pet sitter, Melinda Root. Melinda’s husband John DeMarce works at AWLA and introduced both Cosmo and Trixie to their mom Ann. Small world 🙂