Name: Stanford

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Likes: Car rides, philosophical discussion (he mostly listens), going outside on his leash, drinking from tall glasses, going on hikes in his backpack, the taste of spring grass, his favorite chair, watching bird videos

All I need is good food, good company, the occasional trip to the front yard on my leash, and a comfortable place to rest—that is a perfect life.

Dislikes: Taking pills, cold weather, not being able to hear very well anymore

About Stanford: Stanford turned 18 years old on June 1st! He is very sweet natured and all-around “chill.” Stanford grew up with and spent most of his life with Glenfarclas, a Maine Coon cat who died last year at the age of 14. Glenfarclas was the attention-seeker and Stanford was A-Okay with that. Stanford also lived with Ralph the dog, who passed away in 2020. Stanford was always quiet and liked to ”go along for the ride” in life, but became quite vocal after Glenfarclas and Ralph died. It was clear he missed his friends. Now we have two Maine Coon kittens who look up to Stanford like he is the coolest older brother on the planet. Stanford is extremely patient with them. Stanford is also a smart chap, and knows how to stretch up to ring a bell hanging from the door to let us know he wants to go outside on his leash. Stanford has been a Sit-A-Pet client for more than a decade, and loves his sitter, Tristine.