Name: Duchess

Breed: American Shorthair

Likes: Chasing shadows (in lieu of birds); tummy rubs and ear scratches; cuddling on the bed at night with me and her sibling.

Humpf, George is such a show-off! And please pass on the manicure.

Dislikes: Having her nails cut!

About Duchess: Duchess and her twin brother George are exceptional because they are PURE white; no markings anywhere. The only difference between them (besides the obvious) is that Duchess has a beautiful sparkling blue eye along with her green one and George has two enviable green eyes.

They are rescue cats now 10-years old. Sit-a-Pet has cared for them since birth as their wonderful staff did my previous kitty duo for the last 7 of their 18-year lives. Indoor cats live long!

Their names came with them from their foster home: Duchess is the most regal of ladies even while grooming and brother George is ever poking into corners and under things and acting like his name-sake Curious George. The names were so apt, they stuck.