Name: Orion

Breed: Domestic short hair, orange and white

Likes: Lounging on the screen porch, a good scritchin’ behind his ears, being talked to, smelling and rubbing up against really stinky shoes, catnip toys

It’s all good.

Dislikes: Wearing a sweater, riding in the car, when his brothers Marty and Channing encroach on his personal space

About Orion: My husband and I adopted Orion from Caring for Creatures (CFC), a sanctuary outside Charlottesville.  CFC cared for him lovingly for almost two years after he was rescued from a car fire.  We had lost a special needs kitty and were looking to adopt another cat who might otherwise have difficulty finding a home.  Orion is a tripawd – he lost his left front leg – and before adopting him, we asked about whether Orion could live in a house with stairs.  In retrospect, that was a silly question because he flies up and down stairs like nobody’s business and leaps after string toys like a champ.  He has also developed a strong right hook to fend off his two younger, four-legged, also orange-and-white brothers when they get fresh with him.  I always tell Orion that he’s perfect, because to me, he is.