Meet Cherubino!

Name: Cherubino

Breed: Grey tabby

Likes: Being brushed, sunning myself, being brushed some more, snuggling on My Human’s chest, my pet sitters Noni and Pilar who understand the importance of brushing, sprawling across MY Human’s forearms while she plays on the computer, brushing NOW!, not eating today whatever food I liked yesterday, brushing, brushing, brushing.

Sit-A-Pet Pet of the Month? That’s the best you can do for a tornado survivor? I should be Pet of the Year!

Dislikes: Being ignored, not being brushed, anyone who does not go gaga over me upon meeting.

About Cherubino: When Joplin, Missouri was struck by a tornado in May 2011 WARL staff flew to help reunite pets with their owners and get orphaned pets adopted. They were very successful and all but one cat, named Noah, found new homes. Noah was a sweet cat but was handicapped by being Hiv positive. One of the WARL staff fell in love with him and brought him back to Washington to be adopted. Noah resided, in isolation in WARL’s big cat room. When WARL emailed its supporters about Noah I told myself I did not want another cat. Yes, my Figaro was also Hiv positive but I told myself I was happy with one cat. That determination lasted a couple of months and one day I found that I had to go to WARL to donate cat paraphernalia I’d inherited from a friend. Ha! Who was I kidding? Yes, Noah was still there and of course I could go into his small private chamber to get acquainted… and adopt him of course. That was in August 2011 and he has been the sweetest, most people oriented cat I’ve ever owned.  He is now called Cherubino (after my favorite character in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro) which translates to little cherub, and he is. The Hiv status has not affected him and, moreover, he also became leukemia virus positive (from my sweet Figaro who had it unbeknownst to me) and is completely healthy. His “best vet in the world” Margaret Hollis keeps wanting to retest him since he is doing so well. He is an affectionate joy and a feline pest all rolled into one. As one of his Sit-A-Pet pet sitters wrote on first acquaintance: “Cherubino is so affectionate, adorable, and so bloody sweet I swear he has given me a cavity!!”