Meet Mr. T and Izzie!

Name: Mr. T and Izzie (formally Tristan and Isolde)

Breed: Domestic gray short-hairs

Likes: Mr. T likes cardboard boxes, fetching his crinkleball toys, using his crinkleball as a pacifier, spooning with humans, and galloping around the house like a horse. Izzie likes answering the front door, brushies in the sunny bay window, chasing the laser dot, and giving foot rubs with her head.

We pity the fool that doesn’t get us our kitty treats on time!

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners, closed doors, and not getting enough kitty treats.

About Mr.T and Izzie: They are twice-rescued 8 year-old litter mates who were originally discovered as kittens outside a church in Warrenton, VA. Their first human Dave named the duo and raised them to be extremely social and entertaining felines. When Dave passed away unexpectedly, the duo returned to the Prince William Animal Rescue League in search of a new home. As Izzie likes to boss Mr. T around at times (i.e., hissing and swatting at him), they did not “show well” at adoption fairs. Lucky for us, our regular Sit-A-Pet sitter Arlene knew that we were looking for a bonded adult pair and sent Izzie and Mr. T our way. Izzie and Mr. T arrived at our house in February 2011 and now run the place! They both race to the door to greet all comers, welcoming them and vying for attention. They hate Halloween as the doorbell rings often and they run quickly to greet everyone, but NO ONE stays to play with them. Izzie and Mr. T wait until the humans leave to cuddle up together and groom one another. Every now and then, we are lucky enough to catch them in action.