Meet Rocky!

Name: Rocky

Breed: Terrier – Norwich or mix – 14 1/2 years old

Likes: Being outdoors, either just lying there in the sun or the shade, the heat or the cold, or walking fast for an hour with Mom and her friends up and down the hills in Rock Creek Park, food, any food, any time, having his tummy scratched.

Do you really have to go to work?

Dislikes: Other animals (except Mom taught an old dog a new trick – she gives me a cookie so I won’t bark – so I kind of look for other animals), seeing Mom get out a suitcase (even though I love Sandy from Sit-A-Pet).

About Rocky: I wasn’t looking for a dog in February of 2010, but there was a note in the Chevy Chase Community Listserv that started “Senior Dog Needs Home.” I thought to myself, suppose someday that says “Senior Woman Needs Home.” I’d hope somebody would take me in. So I thought I’d give that senior dog a chance, pay it forward as they say. Then I met Rocky. He was 12, but he thought he was a puppy – and 2 1/2 years later, he still does. He has more energy than dogs half his age. And more energy than I have. It took a while for us to click – he’d been with one family his whole life. But now we’re family.

Rocky is super easygoing – except when he sees another animal or the mail man and he’s a little nervous around little kids, but he’s getting better about them. He’ll go in the car but he’s not crazy about it. He doesn’t much like toys. He doesn’t chew on my toys or my shoes. He doesn’t beg for food at the table. He’s just a really nice companion.